Living in the Moment

21. California.

American Horror Story. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avengers. Bones. Castle. Criminal Minds. Doctor Who. Firefly. Gilmore Girls. Harry Potter. Leverage. Lord of the Rings. Merlin. Misfits. NCIS. NCIS: LA. One Tree Hill. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Psych. Sherlock. Supernatural. Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Skins. Syfy Alice. Teen Wolf. Torchwood. Vampire Diaries.

OTPs: Bones/Booth; Caskett; TIVA; Doctor/Rose; Amy/Rory; Doctor/River Song; Merthur; Johnlock; Delena; Ron/Hermione; Densi; Parker/Hardison; Sterek and many more

Beginnings are scary
Ending are sad
Its the middle that counts
Hope Flows

I shouldn't want the song to end. I always think each night as a song. Or each moment as a song. But now I'm seeing we don't live in a single song. We move from song to song, from lyric to lyric, from chord to chord. There is no ending here. It's an infinite playlist. ~~Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist~~
Living in the Moment